Friday, August 28, 2009


I was just chatting with my long lost friend ( we reacquainted through the wonders of Facebook) and I just realised one thing.

How much I love the rain.
No, not the Korean singer la...
Just rain,
water that falls from the sky.

When I reached Kampar, I fell in love with the rain.
When I am upset, I stand in the rain, letting it cleanse me of all my problems
When I was heart broken, I cried countless times under the rain.
When I am happy, I seek the rain's company by dancing in the rain.
When I am lonely, I sit in the rain, listening to its murmurs.
When I am restless, I let the rain calm me with its rhythm.
When I am crying, I let the rain carry my tears away.
When I am joyful, I sing with the rain and feel its relief.
When I am grateful, I touch the rain and let it touch my soul.
When I am cold, I walk in the rain to let it numb me.
When I am confused, I cycle slowly in the rain and watch over the lake.
When I am lost, I listen to the rain with my heart and let it guide me home.

When it is raining,
almost everyone will blame and curse and complain about the rain.

When it is raining,
I smile at the smell of rain,
knowing the comfort it brings me.


SJ said...

i love the showery too! haha. esp when it's in the morning! =)

ps comment for me too? win-win situation? thanks!

kenwooi said...

i like the smell of the rain too.. makes me feel relaxed =)


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