Friday, August 14, 2009

I Wish Upon A Star

I so wish that I can dance with such grace and poise!!

This is a soulful piece from Jeanine and Jason of "So You Think You Can Dance?" dance reality show. They move with such passion and fluidity. I love the girl's dress. It made her look absolutely ethereal!! And the perfect choreograph and perfect coordination!! Great dancers!!

This is an exhibition piece by Zhang and Zhang, China's National Pair Figure Skaters. The Korean commentators absolutely spoil the piece. Nonetheless, I love the lifts and turns by both the skaters. And there Spread Eagle technique is so creative and perfect!! They nearly miss an axel (a jumping technique) but still, they pulled it off. Wonderful!!

I miss the days where I can actually dance.~~
Time to keep in shape and practice a little?

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