Friday, August 14, 2009

Half Full Now

I have a Structural Biochemistry Lab Test at 5.30pm today.
Didn't study much... Was really busy with something else...
So, yea, I am freaking out!!!

I told a friend of mine that I am so slacking from studies. But she merely said that this is a good thing, because I am learning to take life less seriously.

Maybe she is right...

Lately, Ben's post about humour made me think of the world and how pretentious people can be. It is totally cliche to say that I understand but I really do understand, because I live in a world where most of the things I do, I subconsciously want people around me to approve of it.

I laughed along for no reasons,
I agree at times for the sake of agreeing

But on second thoughts, why don't just laugh along for no reason and give my face muscles a little exercise? Why want to focus on how pretentious people are when I can just accept them without question?

My life is like a cup.
I used to see everything half empty, where everything is not good enough for me.

Now I am learning to see everything half full,
because that is so much more cheerful than half empty.

Big thanks to YY and Andrew for spending hours talking to me. and trying to cheer me up.
I know you guys try very hard, even at times when I am acting like a total bitch

Big loves to Wee Leng, for being the patient roommate and loukong for taking all the crap that I throw at you.

Thanks to Ben and Julian for all the thought provoking dialogs.
You guys really made me sit up and think.

Also thanks to the two person who made me who I am today.
I will NEVER forget what the two of you did because without the two of you, I will never learn this big lesson in life.

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