Monday, August 24, 2009

"Smart People"

"Smart people" walk amongst us, everyday, every minute, every waking second.

Where got people so smart, put wet clothes on top of people's dry clothes on the laundry line?

Where got people so smart, put a shirt where the colours came off on top of other people's clothes?
Some more it has to be on top of MY FAVOURITE SHIRT!!!

Now I am spending the next few hours trying to get HER brown colour drips off my FAVOURITE LIGHT BLUE shirt.

"Smart". People. Walk. Amongst. Us.
Every. Day. Every. Minute. Every. Second.



SJ said...

"smart people". lol. isi tersirat? can't blame them. sometimes i also too "smart". haha.

ps sue jane's my elder sister. =)

Ryanne said...

oo... no wonder...
hahaha... i really double check your surname and saw that is it wooi... then i double look at your picture to make sure it is not suejane...

Hahaha... nice to meet you!!


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