Friday, July 31, 2009


Lately I've been hard to read
I've been cold too long
I am sick of reaching out
Where no one wants to care
I walk between both worlds
I don't belong to neither worlds
I walk alone
With only my guitar and a few sad strum
No shoulders to cry on
No other choice but to be strong

Being me is not easy
No one likes to see the truth
I wear my heart on my sleeves
So that it can be stabbed
With words and stares
What is so beautiful about the mask
That no one listen with their hearts
I feel in everything
Every pain
Every tear
Every hollow feeling eating me from inside
Thankful that I am alive to feel

Lately I've been hard to reach
Is anyone trying to reach me
Everyone has a private home
Where we can cry our hearts out
I don't bother to reach out anymore
Because no one cares
I don't care if I am alone
Because the world is beautiful

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