Friday, July 24, 2009


Due to this week's extreme schedule overload, I don't even have time to sleep... Thus, my blog has been stagnant for the past 2 days... Now a little updates on last week...


Despite the insane and hectic life with unreasonable deadline (ok, mostly is because I procrastinate...) I still find time to indulge in good food and cook a little...

Cendol Tau Fu Fa at A Kopitiam (At KTAR area)
According to Nicole, it tasted weirder after each bite...

Funnily, the architecture is much more attractive than the food...

YY made this green vege... Yummy...

Stir- fried crab stick with fish cake sandwich

Steamed chicken with egg...
Experimental Dish... Taste not so nice cause the egg taste was too much...
Planning next experiment!!

Honey Lemon Ice at Island Red Cafe

An extremely big portion of Fish and Chips at Island Red Cafe

I also dyed my hair RED on Monday.


Sorry la... No pictures yet...

This week, we had lab test, which I totally, completely, utterly SCREWED it... And you know what? I wasn't even upset. I only can laugh at my stupid answers, knowing that I didn't prepare well for this test. But we had an interesting Structural Biochemistry experiment this week. We were working with standard blood solution. And Lyn Fay get to play with her favourite apparatus, which is the micropipette. But sadly, the results are way off. Maybe because the Drabkin's reagent was exposed to oxidation...

My ever so reliable lab partner, Zarry...
He is very good at micropipetting stuff...

But Sok San is the ultimate master in quantitative experiments.
Her measurements are always accurate...

Incubating Drabkin's reagent and serial blood dilution


I am going to pass up my Chinese Assignment today. It was the article review of a story of a dying African child with the vulture standing next to it. I posted a review on that earlier of the month. Well, since I spent the whole month doing research and writing this paper, I really hope the work is good. Nonetheless, must tremendously thank Hui En for editing the paper for me, YY for translating my rotten English to Chinese, Yan Qian for borrowing me the Chinese Dictionary and also Yee Jian for the discussions.


I want to go shopping!! I am dreaming of a cashmere jacket... Some basic tees maybe... And definitely new earrings!! A complete make-over?

I really want to watch Harry Potter. Suppose to watch with my brother this weekend. Alas, work always comes before leisure... Sorry, Raymond...

I want to catch up on sleep that I lost during this entire week. But thanks to Zarry for fetching me to classes this week. You are really being thoughtful cause I injured my leg. Traveling in a car saves so much time, thus I can steal a little shut eye here and there.

I want to learn how to style my hair!! Since I have a new hairstyle, well, actually, just new hair colour, I want to learn to style it a little... Thanks for the tips, Avril and Zarry. Who has any more tips?


A dear friend reminded me of a very important principle.

"We must not be selfish. What we cannot get, we should help others to achieve."

That is so true!! Sadly, in this competitive campus world, even friends can stab each other in the back and take away each other's things. I have to admit that I forgot about this principle too. Thank friend, for reminding me the principle of generosity.

Recently, I got reconnected to a dear friend of mine whom we had a major fallout during secondary school. That was like... LONG TIME NO NEWS man!! I kinda miss you guys sooo much!! This, again, reminded me of the value of friendship. Someone once told me that friends made during secondary school are the most valuable ones. We were too young to remember the fights and too old not to forgive the fights. For whatever we did in the past, let's just erase it after learning lessons from it. From now on, we are good friends again!!

I am sooooo planning to record a cover. Ok, I wasn't this vain. But I have too many encouragement from people around me!! Haha... Thanks to Vee and Ling Yun for saying that can sing... And Andrew for persistently asking me to do a cover. Ladies and gentleman, you will see a cover soon... There are lots of guitar master, one of the most prominent is dear Ben... Thus, I must not display my unskilful play now. I shall practice more first!!
No success shall come if I don't work hard first!!

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