Friday, July 3, 2009

Sooner Or Later

Come back and look at me
Give me a reason
Tell me your problems
I'll listen while you complain
Life slipped from the fingers
Like sand within one's grasp
The tighter you hold
The less you have
Sooner or later
Dreams shatter and hopes are gone
I am a believer
Help me believe in you

Come back and tell me why
Give me your life
Tell me what you want
I'll listen while you complain
Have you found your life yet
Don't be a lost ship without a compass
The more you avoid it
The worse it becomes
Sooner or later
Bonds are broken and love gone cold
I am a believer
Help me believe in me

Come back and hold me
Give me your friendship
Tell me your feelings
I'll listen to every word your breathe
We are lonely souls who deny
I am over with ignoring the obvious
The more I run from it
The more I cry about it
Sooner or later
The wound only gets bigger
I am a believer
Help me believe in us

~~This poem is inspired by a song by Switchfoot.
I dedicate this poem to a friend whom I had a major fall out with earlier. I miss you a lot tonight. I hope you are reading.

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