Friday, July 17, 2009


Today... I surrender...

I woke up late in the morning, disrupting my plans for the morning.
Then I practically screwed up my entire Anatomy & Physiology II mid term paper because I couldn't answer half of the paper. Those who said that I am "faking" humbleness, thank you very much, I don't give a shit.
In the evening, when I was in new town for a bit of grocery shopping. I nearly got hit by a car because the driver wasn't looking while reversing.
Then I screwed up dinner by spoiling the fish, nearly cut myself, scalded my fingers and almost breaking the pot.
And I cursed while on the phone with my dad and I nearly cried. Those who know me will know that I am not much of a cry baby...

What a day...

Is tomorrow a better day?


CherylHew said...

Aaw, your day sucked so bad? T__T Tell me who's the other reversing idiot (original one being me LOL) and I'll run him down with the DoraemonModible :D LOL! Today just ain't your day.. Tomorrow shall definitely be better =)

Ryanne said...

Hope so... But that idiot!!! Urgh~~ Isn't it a rule to look before reversing? What if I am a noob cyclist? What if I am a 5 year-old toddler that froze there? Irresponsible driver!! Urgh!!

But thanks for offering to run down the fellow!!


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