Friday, July 10, 2009

I Don't Care

Next week and the week after next is HELL...

I have THREE reports due, TWO mid terms coming, and TWO assignments deadline...
And I am feeling sick-ish!! Not to mention a very stress-induced mood swing...
~Sorry guys, I don't intentionally piss people off, but sometimes I just can't help it.~

And the best part is... I've decided that


No matter how hard it is, I believe that I can do it!! No matter how hard I fall, I believe this is the path of learning, not just education, but learning as a whole!! No matter how tired I am, I will continue to fight!!

Once, a friend told me, "NEVER SURRENDER!"
~Thank you for the inspiration. It is really like a slap in the face!!~

Thus, I DON'T CARE if the sky fall or a tsunami is created from Westlake.
I WILL NOT SURRENDER to the mountain load of work!!
~Even when I am feeling sickish~~

Thus, thank you to YY and Vee for keeping me healthy with our very "frugal" dinner. Thank you Wee Leng, for tolerating my shit and being so extra super uber nice to me. Thank you Zac and KKY, for taking the trouble to fetch me to and fro classes. Thank you Gor Gor for the words of encouragement. Thank you Julian for your very weird but kinda meaningful song.

Thank you God, for surrounding me with very very good friends.

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