Monday, July 6, 2009

我只有八岁 I Am Only Eight Years Old



I am currently studying Chinese Language as an elective subject in my Degree programme. One of the assignment in the syllabus is to do a story review from a book written by a famous writer from Taiwan, Professor Li Jia Tong. There are 189 short stories in this book and I've finished all of them. But this one short story left a really deep impression in me -- "I Am Only Eight Years Old" (direct translation la... )

This story is about a Rwanda child expressing her feelings when she was on the run from riots. This story was inspired by a picture below. This is one passage that I really felt like crying after reading.

这张照片是记者凯文卡特拍的。这张作品命名为虎视眈眈。卡特就是凭着它赢得了 九四年的普力兹奖。卡特得到了他一生最高的荣誉。但在他领奖不久以后,他就自杀毙命。为什么呢?可能就是良心的责备。这黑童,饿得皮包骨了。身旁还有一只秃头鹰,虎视眈眈地,瞪着孩童饿死。孩童一断气,就成了秃头鹰的一顿美食了。世人看了这张震撼世人的照片,都在叹“可怜的小孩! 或 “为什么没有去救他?”。。。


This picture was taken by a reporter Kyle Carter. This picture won the Pulitzer Prize in 1994. Carter got the highest honour every reporter can ever dreamed of. But months after he received this prize, Carter killed himself. Why? Maybe his conscious is guilty. The child in the picture was at the verge of starving to death. There was a vulture next to her, waiting for her to die, so that it can devour her body. When the picture was released, the public felt sorry for the child, even some accusing Carter for being cold-blooded.

But honestly, how much do WE care about hunger and starvation issues around the world?

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