Saturday, July 11, 2009

Malaysia Festival of The Mind V

UTAR had the honour of holding Malaysia Festival of Mind V this year.
And I had the honour of participating, as a helper at exhibition on Friday, as well as an audience on Saturday.
Through this event, I've met a lot of people and learned a lot from mind experts around the world. Not to mention, I met a few of my old friends in the exhibition and made a lot of new friends from the exhibition too!!

If there is an event like this next time, let me know!! Cause this is truly interesting!!

The exhibition...

Eng Aun as helper, explaining the Math-A-Magic game concept to the visitors...
His booth was next to mine in the exhibition.

My partner as exhibitor - Kenny
We worked for this very cool guy named Mr Anant Kasibhatla, who is India's Record Holder for memory.

This is the extremely kickass booth of USM, all the way from Kedah campus.
This professor must be some expert in neuroscience and brain as he explained so much about the brain to me when I asked him.
He sorta gave me a MENTAL orgasm.

A real HUMAN brain.
And I touched it...
Too bad no picture as I was busy holding the brain...

But I took a photo with the skeleton!!
Who is cuter? Him or Dominic (the skeleton in our own Anatomy lab)?

To make things more interesting... I took a photo of HIM!!
This event was officiated by our Deputy Prime Minister
YAB Tan Sri Dato' Haji Muhyiddin Bin Mohd Yassin

An Perak's very own Menteri Besar - Zambry was there too...

Our DPM talking to Terry Winchester, a guru of the subconscious mind.

A talk by memory guru, Mr Anant Kasibhatla, my boss on Friday.
Learned a few tips from him about remembering things...
Main concept - Visualise, Associate and Pleasure
This guy remembers 1077 numbers in sequence!!

Another talk by Prof Zalina Ismail, who is a doctor and a lawyer, at the same time!!
Damn geng!!

My EXHIBITOR pass which I had to give back at the end of the day...
So bad that I can't keep it for memory...

After the event, Nicole swore that her back was so broken...

And Kumutha is ever so PRETTY, even after a long day's work...
And I am sooo in love with her shirt...

On Saturday, I attended this talk by Terry Winchester, about the Power of the Mind and self-hypnosis.
Very intriguing talk which makes me think a lot...

And we sort of had a little chat at the end of the talk.
And I took a photo with him.

This event is truly beneficial. Screw the USSDC points, cause I can't get official tickets for all the talks. I went into all the talks with no tickets, thus no points. But what is truly beneficial is the content of the talks and the knowledge I learned from it. Not to mention the experience of involving in this event!!

Special thanks to Levnn Chiang Kok Hoong for fetching me in your animal car on Friday...
Special thanks to Kok Hoong, Ming Tze and Melvin for trying to help me get tickets.
Thanks to Nicole and Kumutha for letting me know about this event.
Thanks to Kenny and Eng Aun for making my day so enjoyable on Friday.
Thanks and good job to everyone, organisers, exhibitors, helpers, and participants, for making this event a success!!

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