Friday, October 10, 2008

Step Up 2 : The Streets

This movie is an eye- candy!!
The cast wasn't really consist of pretty people and the plot was more or less the same as the first Step Up movie, rather, the original Step Up movie has a more complex plot. However, what blows my mind was the dancing. It consists of very well choreographed b-boying, breaking and some serious popping and locking. The highlight, like most dance movies, is of course the final showdown.

The plot started with troubled teen, Andie (Brianna Evigan) being forced into dance school by her guardian after her mother's death or risked being sent to live with her aunts in Texas. Well, Channing Tatum did make an appearance as the "mentor" who put her into dance school. There, she met with dance prodigy Chase Collins (Robert Hoffman) and a whole bunch of street dancers who dare not show their talent simply because ballet is the only "acceptable" dance by Director Collins (Will Kemp) who was also Chase's brother. After being kicked out of her own crew, the notorious 410 crew, Andie formed a new crew in her school to compete against her former crew in The Streets. Then the storyline is pretty predictable. Great kisses, misunderstanding, jealousy, expulsion, realising true aspiration, reunion, final grand showdown, another great kiss, THE END.

The final kiss between our leads

The notorious 410 Crew showing of their moves

But I gotta say that the choreography was very edgy and slick. The breaking part was not really impressive. But the creative popping and locking was awesome. The expert here is Moose, played by real life hip hop dance Adam G. Sevani. In the final showdown, I only pay attention to him, cause his moves were so polished and cool.

Adam G Sevani as Moose, the locking master

The director was also rather smart to film the final dance in rain. I guess it simply adds the effect to the dance, with water splashing and the female dancer clad in soaking wet outfits.

Dancing in the rain

Well, if you are looking for substance, you are watching the wrong movie. But if you are in for the entertainment and some killer moves, Step Up 2 is the movie for you. Plus, their dance move just happen to make High School Musical look like Pre- School Musical.

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