Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Am Legend

After the very wonderful Deepavali feast by Kumutha, me and a few friends marathon 2 movies!! The first one was I Am Legend, starring Will Smith, a dog named Sam, and a few ugly looking mutated human (or are they still counted as human?)

The movie opened with an interview announcing a cure for cancer. Unknowingly, they set a deadly mutating virus airborne. Human mutated into flesh eating, suicidal zombies. After 3 years, the only survival in New York was Robert Neville (Will Smith) and his dog, Sam. After an incident, Sam died, Neville became suicidal but was rescued by another survival named Anna. After another series of events, Neville gave Anna the cure he discovered and bombed himself into pieces with those ugly looking creatures.

Hoping to find a cure

Actually the story is quite simple. The plot was quite predictable. I don't know why I didn't yawn through the movie. Maybe because it was Will Smith instead of some other unknown actors (if it was Cillian Murphy, I'm sure I won't last half an hour into the movie) And partly because of beloved YY who increased the suspense level in the movie. But I do wonder, can a human really last three years alone, without outside contact? Like, where did the water and electricity came from? And where did he find fuel to run that fast car of his? Or do New York has enough food for him to raid everyday? Plus, based on the rate he was shooting, does he ever run out of bullets? But since it is a movie with Will Smith in it, screw logic!!

Can you be this cool when a flesh eating monster is inches away from your face?

Overall, it is an enjoyable movie with a pretty predictable ending. Not scary at all. Better than 28 days later, or 28 days later, and maybe 28 months later, if Hollywood decided to make it a trilogy...

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