Monday, October 6, 2008

Fatal Mistake

O Summer
I'm not patient
I felt chilly and silly at the moment
I don't know what to worry
Because there seemed so much to worry

O Summer
I'm not stupid
Just not smart enough
To avoid making that stupid mistake
And losing you to eternal winter

What if I took the time
And stare at it longer
And pay more attention to it
Maybe the outcome will be completely different
I won't have to wallow in guilt
For making a fatal mistake

O Summer
How can I ever reach you again
And feel your sunshine against my skin
I felt cold and sorrow
Because I just couldn't let go the decision

O Summer
Would things be really different
If I were just to pay more attention
Or is it just destiny interfering
To punish me with eternal winter
For making such fatal mistakes

Making mistakes simply means you are learning faster. Weston H. Agor

~but am I ready to pay the price of making a fatal mistake to learning?~~

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