Saturday, October 4, 2008


Stardust..... Hhmm..... Sometime ago movie..... Didn't watch it last time.... Regret that I didn't watch it earlier. It was a brilliant story!!!

The plot was nice. Started out when Dunstan crossed the wall and met a slavegirl. Nine months later, viola, baby Trinstan arrived at the magical Wall!!! 18 years later, Tristan did what his father did, except for a pretty stupid reason... Tristan Thorn (Charlie Cox) met dear Yvaine (Claire Danes) who was a star. They had wonderful adventure, thanks to the hunt of Yvaine's heart, which brings immortality. The witch, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, was cunning and funny too. The whole transformation from a old lady to a young witch, then through the use of magic, become old again. Hhhmm.... Her quest is almost understandable, with the want of many modern women nowadays, doing almost anything to look young again! And the comical relieve by the Stormhold brothers. Their quest to find the star that can make one of them king, but all of them die in the end, becoming such funny ghosts! Their power- hunger nature also can be related to man nowadays, who does anything to get what he/she wants. How true is that? But the most surprising performance came from the cross-dressing pirate, Captain Shakespeare, played brilliantly by Robert De Niro.

Most memorable dialogues: When Tristan was turned into a mouse, what Yvaine said to him was like.... Wow... So nice and touching... Hhhmm.... Will any guy say that to me?? Wishful thinking....

Yvaine's ethereal appearance, fit to be a star

Most memorable fighting scene: When the witch used a dead Septimus's body to fight... Though the scene was quite short, but it was the funny one among the limited fighting scenes.

Most laughable moment: This one got me laughing.... The witch turned a man into a goat, and a goat into a man. What goats does best? Hahahaha.... He/it, actually jumped onto the counter and did a head ram with a unicorn!! A unicorn!! Not to mention, that poor trader whose voice got changed into chicken's croaking.... Amazing imagination, both the novel writer and the screenplay writers!!

Moments before Tristan dumping Victoria

Most touching moment: When Tristan pushed Yvaine into the bush, fearing her life's safety. What he said was so nice.....

Most laughable character, actually characters: Victoria, who was materialistic and so typical dub blonde!! I liked the scene when Tristan dumped her. And that look on her face during Tristan's coronation!! Secondly, Captaib Shakespeare's cross dressing moment!! That was way cool!! Among all cross-dressing actor (like John Travolta, Eddie Murphy$), I think he actually look nice!!

All in all, nice movie. Great lessons to be learnt, amazing imagination, and of course, Charlie Cox is cute!! Plus, notice Ben Barnes, more famously known for playing Prince Caspian, in his supporting role as the young Dunstan?

Charlie Cox is CUTE!!!!!

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