Monday, October 6, 2008

An Inconvenient Truth

I watched the documentary - An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore. This documentary won an Oscar under the documentary category. To many, this 90-minute presentation is very boring. But I was particularly attracted to the figures and statistic given in the presentation. Global warming is, indeed, a major problem that we cannot afford to not acknowledge anymore. Well, I think I better take some initiative to minimise my carbon footprint. At least, I'm cycling around more these days....

Anyway, this is a footage that I found on youtube. The song is "I need to wake up" by Melissa Etheridge. The footage shows pictures of places affected by global warming. And the most shocking thing is that the years apart were just slightly more than a decade!! Global warming is indeed happening faster than ever!!

So, enjoy the footage and maybe, try to wake up and change the way you live...

And another footage. The song is a cover version of "I need to wake up" by Shinji Harada. Please be patient and finish the clip cause the suggestions to live green at the end of the clip is quite useful!!

By the way, I strongly recommend you guys watching An Inconvenient Truth.
For other materials, check out The March of the Penguins, Sinking of Japan and The Day After Tomorrow.

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