Friday, October 24, 2008

MD in the House

Today bio practical we had a hell lot of fun!! Guess what? We were doing experiments on blood pressure and breathing. We got the chance to use the stethoscope!! I guess I was pretty excited over it!!

But it wasn't easy... The guys next door was making quite some noise and of course, I am not a certified doctor... so I couldn't hear the heart sounds. After much guidance from the lecturer, I did heard Nicole's heart sound. It was kinda cool!!

Look cool in tha lab coat and stethoscope eh??

Dr Zyenyi!! You snapped the picture when Dr Phan closed eyes!!

Dr Zyenyi testing on Dr Nicole

But for the other two experiments, we didn't get to do it nicely because of our carelessness and poor planning. I did a 2-minute vigorous exercise for three times!! First time, abnormal reading, so do second time... Sadly we forgot to take pulse rate... So gota repeat another time... For a person that don't exercise much, I was truly exthausted in the end...

And because of the blunder we made earlier, we did not have enough time to do the lung capacity experiment except for Kar Yee... Interesting though....

Well, I hope that we can prepare better next time cause this was really chaotic. Maybe it's cause three weeks didn't do experiment, rusty already... Next experiment, we are gona study cell!! Finally we graduated from plant cells to human cells... Prepare better next time??

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