Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Dark Knight

A little bored in Kampar since it's just first academic week of semester 2. So I indulged in watching the Dark Knight, twice, because this movie is such an art!! This is better than Spiderman or Iron Man. The psychological ride with The Joker is intriguing and thrilling!! Christopher Nolan is the true mastermind!!

Like any typical hero movie, the movie opens with a heist by the Joker and mass killing. Then the authority, represented by Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman), stepped in. Of course, we were introduced to Gotham City's first hero without a mask, Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart), the new DA of the city and not to mention, Rachel Dawes' new boyfriend. Maggie Gyllenhaal took the baton from Katie Holmes for playing Dark Knight's love interest. Of course, Bruce Wayne's secret night adventure started. Wonderful performance by Christian Bale, playing the ignorant arogant playboy billionaire, double-roled as the mysterious Dark Knight.

However, the main attraction of the movie is, sadly, not Christian Bale. But the raving post-humous promotion of The Joker as legendary Heath Ledger's last performance. Indeed, he did left a deep impression and lived up to the expectation of The Joker. He put Jim Carrey to shame. His performance was scary. He played with the emotion of the audience so well, to the point that I actually felt pity for The Joker, turning into who he was. And Harvey Dent's two face also made Tommey Lee Jones walked down the hall of shame.

I believe in Harvey Dent

But do you believe in Two Face?

Nolan took the time to explain how he turned evil, how he was tormented by the death of a loved one. This offers the exact explanation that avid movie- goers look for.

The stunt were great. Batmobile, as usual, is the highlight for movie. But Batman's gadgets are mostly impossible. Can you actually paraglide from one building to another or "see" through buildings with the help of sonar? The Joker, on the other hand, was more believable. He showed how fragile the human mind is. "You complete me", he said to Batman, like Yin and Yang, completion of the balance of humanity.

Indeed, The Joker gave Gotham City "criminal with class"

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