Thursday, October 16, 2008

Semester 2: Another Great Adventure

I would love to shout TGIF (Thank God It's Friday) but sadly.... it is still SHIT (Sorry, Honey, It's Thursday)

Semester 2 started with the absence of a coursemate who had some unfinished business in her hometown. My deepest condolences to you...

Semester 2 also started without two of my most reliable coursemate as they were transferred to TE5. Do you know how much I miss having practical session with you guys? Even the test tubes weren't that much fun to play with anymore...

Semester 2 started out without much fun, to be truthful... Mostly because lecturers were practically reminding us every second about test and last sem's results and assignments, etc... And also because I knew what to expect... I half- heartedly picked up my books, stared at them for hours, sometimes wondering if this is really what I want to do... But since I've made that choice of making science my life, I guess I'll just have to live through it... Funny thing is, I'm starting to refer to science subjects as the evil subjects or the gila subjects, because these are the things most of the people didn't do well in. What to do...

Semester 2 also started out with much incidents. A friend of mine playing the MIA game and gave everyone a big fright... And I nearly break the beaker in Chemistry lab today, my first practical this semester!! Though I am not really superstitious, but was that a bad omen?

Semester 2 started with a rather serious note, with lotsa moody and grumpy people, and of course a certain inconsiderate people. It is like a battle zone where people gear up to fight the war even it's just first week. People who used to fool around and joke a lot suddenly turned quiet (or they were quiet with my presence, I really don't know...) People who did well in the exams, somehow, become scarier and started working hard already. Is this what "they" say Sem 2 is like? The "line" drawn so clearly?

Semester 2 started with some issue, that things between some people are never going to be the same ever. Does every action has to bring about a reaction? Does Newton's Third Law exist besides in Physics? Things said and unsaid really brought a big difference. I guess it is too late to regret what has happened, but can I really get to explain myself? After all, I am not the self explaining type.

Semester 2 started with a lot of burden at home. An operation, and examination and the quarel that will never see its conclusion. I hope that I can learn to carry home in my heart, but leave its burden at home. I hope that I can stand strong for my home, and never collapsed from the pressure.

Is Semester 2 a good start? Well, once an old wise man told me that life is between choices. Either positive or negative choice you made, life will still have to go on. So I guess I will have to choose to say that this is a good start for better things to come. After all, no point sulking in depression when the world doesn't revolve around you...

Happy Semester 2!!


Black Sano~Black Tan~Tan Si Nan said...

"People who used to fool around"
u mean who o?me a?*perasan a bit..

Ryanne said...

wei.... you got stop fooling around meh??


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