Monday, October 20, 2008

雨点·灰色·我 (Raindrops.Grey.Me)

题目想了很久。。。 不懂为什么,最近喜欢打华语。。。 受人影响吧。。。


其实我爱雨点, 感觉好像被雨点洗礼似的,把烦恼与负担都洗走。。。

Due to some request, I translated my mandarin... Sorry, guys!!! I was thinking in mandarin at the time....

I've thought of the title of the blog for a long time... Don't know why I suddenly developed a tendecy to type in mandarin... Maybe its because of the influence of some people...

It's almost raining everyday here...

Actually, I like the rain. The feeling is like all my burden and worries are being washed away by the rain.
However, the rain also gives me a gloomy feeling, like life is not black and white, but grey...
And grey, reminds me of someone-- Me...

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