Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chronicles of Bicycle: Wet Wet Wet

After 3 weeks semester break, I actually missed cycling in Kampar!! Well, of course I cycled at home with my brother's giant bike....

But today I had the most fun since getting back to Kampar. Why? Cause I cycled in the rain!!
After maths class, well, thanks to our hardworking lecturer who refused to let us out early, I rushed to the bicycle parking place, only to be reminded by my friend that it was drizzling. What to do? We took the risk of cycling in the drizzling rain, hoping that we can get home before the rain gets heavy.

We were paddling super hard and suddenly, I realised, "Where is Nicole?" I thought she was cycling right behind me... So I stopped and waited for a while... Alas, she came with Kumutha and Goldon. Well, halfway home and I was already wet, so I decided not to waste energy and risk my safety. What I did was...... cycled real slow......

Well, it was fun to cycle wet. Don't really feel cold... And, well, I love the rain, so it was an enjoyable journey, from the gates of uni past the beautiful lake into the compound of my house. Not to mention, that I got real wet!! Rainwater dripping from my short hair down my neck and seeped into my clothes... And rain drops that rolled into my eyes and rolled down my face like warm tears... Well, of course me not crying la... But the silence and peace is great. It was as if I own the streets (cause everyone don't wanna come out and get wet like me...)

When I reached the house, Kumutha suggested something even crazier... "Let's stand under the rain and enjoy this!!" So, there we go... the three of us.... standing in the rain.... enjoying getting wet.... and of course.... taking photos!!! Hahaha!! That was real nice!!

Me and Nicole, enjoying the rain!!!

Me and Kumutha... Nicole's glasses got blotted by raindrops... so picture also blur blur...

Of course, I am actually quite worried that I might get sick from this, since I am already not feeling so well... But who cares? I've got 3 days holidays this week (cause of Deepavali) to recover if I do get sick. And that was worth the fun... Consequences: I've got to hand-washed my jeans, wipe my bike, dry my bag, and no jacket tomorrow... Anyway, it was worth the fun!!!

PS: To that guy who I almost ran down near the slope, sorry!!! Next time don't ever try to cross the road when an amateur cyclist like me is going down the slope!!

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