Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week...
Well, it's probably over by now......
But I found some random pictures and news on the Internet...
Just for fun....

A glamorous piece with black trench coat and artist's hat. The model do bear resemblance to Claudia Shiffer...

Pink Ruffled cocktail dress by John Galliano
Very doll-like but sweet!!

Killer heels!! Seems like gladiator shoes are still the IN trend
The wooden platform with leather straps are cool too!!

I love that jacket!! The concept of ruffles underneath the skirt adds details to the outfit. Nice winter collection!!

The skirt is a bit weird, like doesn't go well with skinny boots. But the loud jacket is nice. A bit like kain songket in high fashion.

Nice top! But check out the footwear... The skirt is not bad too but I think the colour palette should be slightly darker.

Amazing avant-garde piece with high collar turtleneck. I bet she is warm in that. But, again, check out the shoes. Ankle boots with leg warmer. I usually hate fishnet stockings but she actually made it look classy here!

Well, I am not fashionista... But looking at the fabulous outfits... Ahh... How I wish I can own them!!

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