Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Devil Wears Prada ~again~

I watched The Devil Wears Prada again, for the umpteenth time... mostly because of the beautiful costumes, and not to mention the very IN thing going on recently, Paris Fashion Week!!

Well, the story is about an aspiring journalist, Andy (Anne Hathaway) who worked at popular fashion magazine, RUNWAY as an assistant to the Editor in Chief, Miranda Priestly (played briliantly by legendary Meryl Strep) Well, this is a potrayal of the typical female boss who is power craze and super- achieving. And the poor lives her assistants and co- workers. Stanley Tucci also played one of the co-worker to perfection. But the main attraction is not the cast which also contain heavy-weights like Emily Blunt, Andrian Grenier, Simon Baker, and many more. The main attraction of the movie is FASHION!! I love couture!! The elegance portrayed by these actresses, it is like working in an edgy, high- fashion environment. But of course, this comes with great pressure, scandalous office politics, and of course disastrous personal life.

The dragon lady, Miranda Priestly (Meryl Strepp) and her able assistants

I find that Nigel (Stanley Tucci) a very true and interesting character. He was like some sort of mentor to the naive Andy. His lines were also very memorable. Like "Tell me when your personal life goes up in a smoke. It means it's time for a promotion." How true is that? Nowadays, in this modern society, this phenomena happens everyday!! People neglecting friends and family, backstabbing people at work, get into the news, and for what? Another point is that the whole film seem to focus a lot on Miranda Priestly and her devilish ways of working the magazine. The film potrayed such power woman as something negative. But what if she is a man? What if Miranda Priestl is a man with such capability? Everyone will not complain but onyl notice how good she is at her job!! How true!! Even though we are in the 21st century, the typical female stereotype is still there!!

However, I have to say that the fashion is still the best thing that happen in the film. Anne Hathaway's alabaster skin just kinda glow in the bright red lipstick and that elegant black dress. And her work clothes!! It is very high fashion, chic and classy.

My favourite set of clothes in the entire movie, chic yet classy

Even clothes that Emily Blunt wore were splendid!! I love those boots!

I love those thigh high boots!! It seemed like after watching the movie, Victoria Beckham, Hayden Panettiera and some other celebrities followed the trend too!!

A wonderful winter collection!!

White trench coat against the beautiful New York backdrop. Cool!!

Overall, this is a very entertaining movie, with pretty ladies in pretty clothes!
Well, the first few times I watched the movie, I have to admit that me and my friends tried to learn their style of dressing and make-up!! I still wonder how they did the smokey eyes though...

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