Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Disturbia, the movie that allegedly propelled Shai LeBeouf into limelight. Directed by DJ Caruso (the guy who did Eagle Eye) and starring Shia LeBeouf, the movie opens with the happy family of Kale, that was until that killed his dad. 1 year later, Kale was still in his bitter self and punched his Spanish teacher. He got house arrest for 3 months and he did something real "constructive". He build a Twinkle Tower and of course, spied on all his neighbours. That was until he discovered that his neighbour was actually a serial killer. Suspense, endless Mission Stupid, and of course a few frights here and there... Boom, before you know it, the killer was arrested and Kale was kissing his new girlfriend.

Spying on neighbours...

The movie wasn't really that interesting. In fact. there were parts where I wish I can fast forward. Plus, I cannot imagine Carrie Anne Moss who played Kale's mum in any other role than Lady Trinity!! And why David Morse had to be the bad guy every time? And why must they gave him such ugly hairstyle?

David Morse played the killer with an ugly haristyle

Anyway, Shia's performance was believable. His friend played by Aaron Yoo was comical.

And that scene where he explored the Torture Room, it was like a scene lifted from Criminal Minds!! And this movie sort of remind me the Austria Monster. That guy was killing in the neighbourhood and hiding bodies in his basement. How come no one in the neighbourhood noticed? And what is it with that stupid prejudiced officer?

Can't help but noticed that she looked like Kate Hudson

In a nutshell, the movie is good for entertainment. The plot ended to abruptly. Not really a suspense thriller that I expected.

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