Monday, October 6, 2008

Definitely, Maybe

This is like a typical romance story... written and directed by Adam Brooks (Hhmm... that guy is sensitive...)

Definitely, Maybe.... Love is simple and complicated, huh??

This movie tells the story of William Hayes (played by Ryan Reynolds... darn!! He is cute!!) telling his daughter Maya (Abigail Breslin) his three girlfriends after she desperately begged him to do so. He changed the names of the women and asked his daughter to guess who is her mother.

Will (Ryan Reynolds) and Maya (Abigail Breslin) sharing a father- daughter moment

William Hayes started in New York as an aspiring Bill Clinton campaign worker, believing that he will too, one day become the president of the United States. However, things don't go so well. He broke up shortly with his college sweetheart, Emily (Elizabeth Banks). However, he quite like his colleague April (Isla Fisher) but since April was seeing someone else at the time, they didn't quit get on. After a few years, William met Emily's old friend, Summer (Rachel Weizs) who is adventurous and exotic. However, things don't really go well after Summer as a journalist, literally devastated William's client's reputation. Anyway, things went on and off and Emily turned out to be Maya's mom. Anyway, Maya's original plan of getting her dad to fall in love with her mum again failed but helped William realised that the love of his love is actually April. William went to find April and ~BOOM~ Happy ending!!

Who is the mother? (from left) bubbly April, college sweetheart Emily, or the ambitious and exotic Summer??

I like this movie because it is sorta an eye candy. Ryan Reynolds deserves more credit than Hollywood gave him. He is actually quite good in acting.

Ryan Reynolds looking cool!! This Canadian star is recently married to Scarlet Johansson

And I love Isla Fisher. She played the bubbly April to perfection!! Not to mention, the next big star of Hollywood, Abigail Breslin. Her breakout role was Little Miss Sunshine (that is a nice movie too!!) and her character snow-balled into Nim Rusoe and many other very interesting characters!! Not to mention that Abigail is one of the youngest actors to get a Oscar nomination!!!

The next big leading lady, Abigail Breslin

Really nice movie!! And of course... William Hayes is like THE dream guy.... Sensitive, loving and gentleman-like... Most touching scene? Well, William got April a Jane Erye book she lost during her childhood and kept it for years because he realised that that was the only thing he had that is left of her in his life. And that last few scene was really the perfect ending of the story. In a nutshell, the perfect date movie, cause girls get the feel-good movie after the movie, and guys get to learn from Adam Brooks... that love is like.... definitely, maybe....

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