Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Year In Fast Forward

I dedicate this post to those who made a difference in my life, no matter in what way.
This is a summary of my Foundation Year in UTAR, second stanza being Semester 1; third stanza describing Semester 2; and fourth stanza about Semester 3.
Without you guys, friends and foes, I will not be who I am today. For that I thank you, for coming into my life, and becoming a part of me that I will cherish forever.

This song is what inspired the writing of this poem, dedicated to all the people I've met and known in UTAR.

Download song HERE.

Count the steps I took
So filled with emotion
To reach the door
Never look back
To put it behind me
Almost closing the doors

It started in the month of May
Innocence and faith
The eagerness to learn
The willingness to fall and stand up again
Felt the new environment
Breathed in the new breeze of air
Shook the hands of so many new faces
Embraced new friendships formed
The beginning of a wonderful journey
The radiance of a promising dawn

Begin the second part of a beautiful journey
Reignite the old flame of friendship
Mistletoe growing above the heads of two young lovers
Joining the golden threads that held hearts together
Kings and Queens of the palace in my heart
Shared laughters and tears
Held hands and gave hugs
The warmth in your pocket
Even when it is snowing
Where the world didn't matter
Because life was protected within that strong love

A sparse season
Seeing things from the looking glass
A moment of solitude
A journey of self-discovery and self-betterment
Hearts were shattered into million pieces
The golden string was cut into thousand strands
All that was left was dust
And a tinge of sadness
But fear not because I've tried
Standing still
Ponder upon the sky and smell the rain
Took off my shoes and left the world behind

Be brave to try and fail
Knowing that this is the best I can give
Rather than not trying for fear of failure
I learned to dance in the rain
Not waiting for the storm to pass
To love is to let go
To live is to learn
I close the door behind me
Smiling for the best gift God has given me

This post is one emotional post. Because I finally learned the lesson where I take in every emotion, feel it in every bone, every vein, every sinew, and then let it all go. Life is not a bush of roses, but someone upstairs is kind enough to surround me with good company and gave me enough courage to live my life.

Chapter One : Foundation Year. Fullstop.
Chapter Two : Degree Year One, another journey to embark on...

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