Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Women That Defines Me

Today, I was alone with plenty of time to think of many things... Not long ago, someone told me that I am a complicated creature with an even more complicated mind. So, I thought, "Why I am who I am? What shapes me into who I am today?"
So I took some time to reflect and think... I would say that my teenage years were the years where I really started to be self-conscious and embarked myself on a journey of self- discovery. Throughout those crucial years, I found that I was significantly influenced by several women in my life, be it personal or public. Some of these women left such impact on me that their streaks are vividly visible.

First of all, this young lady, though fictional, left a great impact on me... Hermione Granger, the brainy witch from Harry Potter is my main inspiration when I was about 13 years old. Her know-it-all, matter-of-fact, confidence, and of course bossiness, is exactly what I wanted to become when I grew up. She motivated me to study hard and look at things with intensity. She inspired me to think out of the box and she taught me friendship as she herself stood with Harry through thick and thin.

Next, it is Luna Lovegood. Yes, another fictional character from Harry Potter. But she is the one that taught me to be daring and weird. Dare to be different, and dare to be yourself, even when the world laughs at you. She told me that it is ok to be weird. Yea, Luna Lovegood does give me this kind of impression.

Another prominent figure in my teenage years is Avril Lavigne. The Canadian rock star was my idol. She wrote and sang songs that I can so deeply relate to and I used to think that she really is singing to me. Nonetheless, Avril Lavigne taught me to be rebellious, to speak my mind, to take risks, to break some rules, and obviously, TO ROCK THE WORLD!!!

Then, we have Ms Jane Austen who wrote beautiful romance literature like Emma and Pride & Prejudice. She was the one who painted the image and perception of true, undying, self-sacrificing love in my head. I always dream of my Mr Darcy, just like how Mr Darcy would took care and love Elizabeth Bennett. Though it is just a story but nonetheless, she formed the first idea of romance and love in the younger naive me... And that initial perception is pretty important too.

Enough of well know public figures... Now, for the women that inspired and shaped me personally...

She is a lady aged almost 80 years old. One that taught me so much on life's principle, the art of patience, the positive outlook on life and so much more. Not to mention she is a dedicated teacher who is forever patient with a stubborn student like me... And she also taught me the necessary "sara diri" skill of cooking... But too bad I am not really a good student...

This lady, is one that I have tremendous respect for and very much admire, just in a way that maybe she didn't know... She is a disciplinarian who shaped me into who I am today. Without her, I wouldn't have known the meaning of hard work, thrifty, and sacrifice. And through the recent break up, I noticed, yet again, how much she loves me, how protective she is of me, and how much she cared. Without her important influence in my life, I wouldn't have become who I am today. She is no other than my mum!!! LOVE YA LOTS!!!

My mentor, the one who taught me the meaning of resilience and hard work. The one who inspired me to chase the important dreams and the one who told me that I can reach the sky and touch the sky if I ready want to... She is Ms Sawaran, my guider and my mentor!!

She is someone I've known since Primary Four. Someone that I never fail to keep in touch with despite us being in different schools, different university, leading different lives. She is one that listens even if I don't speak on the other side of the call. She is no other than my best friend, Nicole Koong!! She taught me the meaning of excellence, the need to excel and definitely show me ways to achieve great heights. Without her, I would have given up long long time ago...

Last but not least, HER, She made a great impact on me too, especially in my upper secondary years and more now... She taught me about self-confindence, self- esteem, and individuality. She taught me about not succumbing to social an peer pressure. She taught me to dare to be different, by being a fine example herself. And I respect the hell out of her!! She is no other than my beloved roommate, Cheryl Hew!!!

(I know you will most probably kill me if I post your photo here)

To these women that make such big difference in my life, I salute you!! And thank you... Because without you in my life, it will not be as colourful as it is now... =p

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