Saturday, April 11, 2009


Most destructive habit ---> Laziness
Greatest joy ---> Sharing
Worst pastime ---> Gossip
Best award ---> Appreciation
Greatest loss ---> Loss of self-respect
Most satisfying work ---> Giving
Ugliest personality trait ---> Backstabbing
Most endangered species ---> Trustworthy friends
Our greatest natural resource ---> Creativity
Greatest shot in the arm ---> Support
Greatest problem to overcome ---> Fear
Most effective sleeping pill ---> Clear conscience
Most crippling disease ---> Procrastination
Most powerful force in life ---> Determination
Most dangerous person ---> Gossiper
Most incredible computer ---> Human brain
Worst company ---> Privilege seekers
Best company ---> Really really GOOD Friends
Best thing to be without ---> Jealousy
Worst thing to be without ---> Hope
Deadliest weapon ---> The tongue
Two most power-filled words ---> I CAN
Greatest asset ---> Self esteem
Most worthless emotion ---> Self-pity
Most prized possession ---> Peace of mind
Most powerful channel of communication ---> Prayer
Most contagious spirit ---> Laughter
Most beautiful attire ---> A SMILE =)

Found this on Shenly's blog... Added and changed a few things myself. Mostly I agree with her...
Hope this post bring inspiration or realisation to whoever that is reading it... ;)

Live life to the fullest because you only live once!!


Young said...

Very inspiring post.. :) Though I beg to differ on a few counts;

Worst pastime -> Doing nothing.

Greatest loss -> Loss of purpose.

Most endangered species -> Trustworthy politicians.

Best thing to be without -> Hatred.

Deadliest weapon -> Technically, it should be words.. but tongue works too. :P

Two power-filled words -> F U. (Well, it's negative but it's powerful, right? )

Greatest asset -> Life.

Ryanne said...

Yes yes... I agree with your point of view too... Debated quite some time myself to write down these few point...
Thanks for sharing!!

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