Sunday, April 5, 2009

Treasure Falls

I was listening to this song by David Nevue called Treasure Falls. His arrangement were superb. So I suddenly got inspired to write another piece of crappy poetry... I just feel like every piano note was like water droplets. And the flow of the music really connect with the thoughts in my mind.

Download song HERE...

I dedicate this to my family, who are my stars when I was lost, to dear angel ( I think you might understand the hidden meaning), to those who did what they did ( You know who you are!! )

The water lapping on the cold hard surface
Splash by splash
Hitting the stone mercilessly
Silence follows

Tears were flowing life Treasure Falls
Lapping on my hand
Neatly fold and placed on my lap
Sorrow beckoned

Moments of reflection follows
Sorrow went away
A ray of sunlight penetrate through the dark clouds
Shadow became clearer like mirror in the water

Losing you is painful and hurtful
Just like the water hitting the cold hard surface
Right on Treasure Falls
For you are my treasure
But your absence took away the mist
Obstructing my vision

For losing you
I saw who which star
That guided the lost traveller
I saw the angels that weeped
Their heavenly tears heal souls
I saw the love so close yet so distant
I hold the motherly love close to heart now

Treasure Falls
It is the same fall where I fell from grace
And redeemed myself from doom
It is the same fall where its water
Took away my tears and the mist that blurred me
It is the same fall where I lost you
And found the others
It will be the same fall
Where I put down you
And leave my burden deep within the water

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