Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Learning in Progress

About 2 weeks ago, my dear Gor Gor somehow successfully persuaded me to go for an interview. And somewhat I got a job from the interview-- as the Programme Manager of Welcoming Concert for the coming May 2009 Orientation.

I was totally flabbergasted, still am... I am excited, anxious, anticipating, but at the same time, feel a bit scared because this is the first time me taking part in such large scale event, holding a post that I have no previous experience of at all... Yea, I am a bit lost. But I am blessed with a strong committee, with Ugene leading as Chairman.

Top left : Yoke Wah, Maria, Jo, Me, YY, Yun Shen, Hui San, Siu
Bottom left : Julian, Dominic, Ugene, Patrick, Qian, Nelson, Alan


I've attended two meetings and things has gone on pretty well. Met a lot of interesting people whom I am really looking forward to work with. They have so much to offer and teach me. Hope they don't mind an eager student like me who constantly ask a bunch of questions and talk excessively sometimes... ;)

And also, maybe because of a series of events happening lately, I think I really need to brush up on soft skills and communication skils. I am often misunderstood, and sometimes not in a good way. Hhmm... Learning in progress... Gotta learn from people around me to be friendlier and tactful... And of course, the organising skills, paper work and all... Though it might be a bit burden sometimes, preparing paperwork, but still, it is a process of learning.

Learning in progress... People around me... I am working hard to learn from life. We all are... So please forgive me if I've done anything wrong...

Welcoming Concert, GAMBATEH!!

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