Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Do Your Best - What Does It Really Mean?


These are the words often said to friends and family for encouragement. These are the words that really lift a person's spirit. These are the words where "I CAN" seems possible.

But what happen when one really give his/her best?

Often that person will be labeled as serious, intimidating, arrogant, trying to impress others, and many more. You may ask why... The reason is simple. When doing something, giving our best simply means giving our very best shot at a project, an assignment, a task or any work at hand. It means 100% commitment and trying hard to perfect the work until the very last minute. However, this quest for a better standard of product turn people off because the others felt threatened, intimidated, challenged, as though their efforts are not good enough. Thus, the society will labeled this person as being over-serious, stressed up, annoying and the sort, just because he/she is merely doing her best.

It is a personal choice, really, it is... It is not compulsory to chase after a perfect piece of work. To some, giving his/her best work that brings rippling effect of satisfaction is considered successful. To others, maybe some think that having lots of friends is considered successful. It is really a matter of opinion. But why condemn one when all his/her does was making a personal choice about pursuing a personal goal? Sometimes it was never about the scoreboard or the results on the result slip. The satisfaction comes from the fact that one has given something his/her best, regardless of whether the final product is really that impressive or not. There is no need to feel inadequate just because the other is putting extra effort in his/her work.

In a nutshell, think twice before saying "DO YOUR BEST" or "GAMBATEH" to others. Because when one really does his/her best, you aren't allowed to be jealous of his/her success. Because this person made a choice to give his/her very best, by being serious, task-oriented, motivated, and ready to work.

PS: I was reading about psychology and I noticed this little culture of ours that lies within our society. So I did a little research on it and the post above is merely my opinion. Other opinions are welcomed and are deeply appreciated.

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