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This post is purely inspired by a series of events and strictly my two cents. If you disagree, please feel free to leave a comment. Arguments welcomed.
Hypocrisy, acting in a manner contradicting one's professed belief, or rather the act where one do not practice the principles one so preach about.

Hypocrisy, an inborn disease that plagued so many of us. Hypocrisy, where you so religiously preach and tell the world about your principles, but you yourself is not holding onto it... It is almost like a politician holding an anti-corruption campaign but secretly siphon off funds to pay for his own expenses...

Hypocrites, religious nuts that twist and turn the words of Holy scriptures to fit their whims and fancies. Preach the Godly words to the world but they are the sinners themselves, indulging lavishly in the seven deadly sins. And worse still, they call themselves the faithful disciples of a certain religion but not many actually understand the principle or the backbone of the religion. So many I've seen myself that failed to give, failed to share, failed to love, failed to understand. All they hold onto are superficial things and silly concepts that they thought may gain them a ticket to Heaven, or Nirvana, or whatever you want to call it for different religion. No, this disease do not only lurked within one religion, but all religions.

Hypocrites, they roamed around, claiming themselves to be saint with such high moral regards that the people around them use them as the social ruler... If he/she approves, this action can be done, this words can be said, this person can be liked, etc... But have you ever look past his/her halo and discover that this person is the biggest judge on Earth? This person may very well be announcing that he/she do not have the tendency to judge but the truth is, every movement that you made, you will get a silent glance; every word that you said "wrong", you may see another twitch on his/her lips.

Hypocrites, people who claimed that they will not hurt an ant, actually did more damage. This person may announce to the world, where he/she hates cheaters. But he/she is the biggest cheater on Earth that toyed with everyone's heart, because his/her heart cannot be toyed by others. Otherwise, he/she will blatantly accuse the other for cheating. Such hypocrite, where only he/she controls the game and expects the rest of us to succumb to his/her bully...

Hypocrites, people who preach about selfless love and humbleness, but at the same time demands the world to listen to him/her. He/she may remind you that how humble and how insignificant you are to the world, that over so many billions of human populating Earth, your presence do not mean a thing to anyone, what's more the planet? But at the same time, he/she demands you to pay attention to his/her every spoken words. If this person really wants to inspire and motivate others, shouldn't he be leading by examples instead of glorifying himself over and over again, emphasizing on the fact that he/she is humble?

Hypocrites, people who self-claimed to be your best friends. At glorious times, they will be beaming from your side, claiming that they were with you and helped you to this path of success, but how many will stay with you when your world crumble and fall apart? Best friends, the people who proclaimed to be loyal and faithful to you, but the next thing you know, he/she might be sleeping with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Best friends, the people who announce to the world how much they love you and expect you to love them in return, may very well be the one that stabs you at the back when you are already down and injured. Such hypocrisy, such blatant lies...

Hypocrisy do not only exist in the forms stated above but it is something deeply-rooted in our society. Little minor hypocrisy may be passed as ego or just a show of self idiocracy. But being a major hypocrite, you are everything you say you are not. It is as if you put on a fake mask everyday to cheat others about who you really are, but the truth is you are cheating no one but yourself.

Have some self decency and get rid of hypocrisy. And certainly, don't make promises that you can't keep. That makes you a hypocrite as well as a liar.

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