Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fast and Furious 4 - A Review

Fast? YES...
Furious? YES...

This movie is one hell of an effect movie!! The scenes are so kick-ass!! The girls are so hot... (Ok, this sound so wrong from a girl, but hey... the guys aren't hot at all... So I have to ogle at girls...)

Subtitles? SUCKS TO THE MAX~~

Fast and Furious is translated into "Pantas dan Garang" -- Very relevant~~
God Speed became "Mara Tuhan" -- Very direct too~~

Anyway, the movie opened with a kick-ass action scene with Dom (Vin Diesel), Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), Han (that guy who died in Tokyo Drift), and 2 very idiotic-looking guy stealing liquid gold. The scene was damn cool, in a way that I never expect them to drive liek that to steal something. Then Dom left Letty because he was a wanted man, only to return to LA years later when Letty was murdered.

Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) is now an FBI agent, demonstrating the all-too-common parkour skills on the street chasing a guy to ring in a cartel leader by the name of Braga. Braga, coincidentally, was the man that Dom was after as he supposedly had something to do with Letty's death. So, in order to infiltrate the organisation, they had to do something.

And, yup, you guess right... It involves a race. And that race scene is one hell of a kick- ass race scene. The stunts were so amazingly coordinated and the speed... Mind-blowing...

So in the end, they got shipped off to Mexico, got even with each other. O'Conner arrested his cartel leader, and Dom got his revenge. Predictable storyline, but the watching FF4 is not about the plot or Vin Diesel, eh? It is the ACTION itself!!

Another thing, the girls in the movie... With the exception of Letty and Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster), the rest of them, including that Mexican girl, acted like sluts and whores in the movie. They emphasised the whole male dominating car scene thing... Simply degrading... But, hey, it is a movie... I hope there will be a kick-ass FEMALE driver in Fast and Furious 5, if there is one...

Overall, this movie is worth the money because of the really cool actions and car scenes. And I have good company to watch it with!!

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