Tuesday, April 21, 2009

TE1 Class Party

TE1 had the BEST party ever!!

Ok, this post is a bit late. But this is because the party went on really late that night, and I was really really busy over the weekend... Thus, the late update here...

But the love is still the same, eh??

We had a BBQ party at Boon Long's house. This is also to celebrate our class rep, Boon Long and also Zhi Xin's birthday. Huge thanks to the organising committee, Cheong Fei, Hui Sin, Zyenyi, Tao Hui, Shuang Neng, and many more.

Thanks to Zyenyi, Cheong Fei, Hui Sin and all those involved for the galore of fantastic food!! Thanks to Lidwina, Jiang Qin, Zhi Xin, Hui Nee and so many others for BBQ-ing so much food for us!! Not to mention, thanks to Keith, Liang and those who keep the fire glowing throughout the night...

Thanks to Hien Fuh for making the song and water game so fun... Of course, thanks to Tao Hui, Shuang Neng, Wei Liang and so many other for participating in the games so sportingly and full of enthusiasm.

Greatest edible gift to all!!

Thank you for giving me the Guitar Girl honour!!
You guys ROCKS TO THE MAX!!!

Jiang Qin and me...

Hui Nee and me

Kar Yee and me

This is the BEST party I have ever had!!

Belated Happy Birthday to Boon Long and Zhi Xin!!

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