Sunday, April 5, 2009

O Life, O Smile

I woke up in the morning
Thought a little bout the sun
Will it be raining
When I cycle in the evening?

Hey baby
Bring out your guitar and
We'll strum until next morning
Picking all the melodies
That belong to us forever
Turn around start dancing
Shake it when you feel it
Twirl around the dance floor
Move to my soft music

O life
It all about living today
O smile
You only live today for once

Hey baby
Wonder what's for breakfast
I crave for banana cheese cakes
Lovely lovely coffee
And a pizza for a quick lunch
Add some pepperoni
And some macaroni
Eat all that I can
Enjoy the fun of eating

O life
Its always better to enjoy
O smile
You only live today for once

Hey baby
Saw a pretty cool guy
Signing in the chat room
Wonder why he choose that
Quirky little nickname
Lovely lovely love life
Love like you are going to die
And cry it all out
When it doesn't really work out

O life
Live it to the fullest
O smile
For it happen for a reason

PS: Was listening to Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson and got addicted to the melody and of course, the very very cute lyrics. So I was writing under influence here... A bunch of crap... But something that I felt and gone through... ;)

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