Saturday, April 25, 2009

Give Thanks

Earlier, a friend of mine asked me, why do I always like to give thanks. Even in my blog, I give thanks profusely to people, sounding like I am making an Oscar speech or sort. Sometimes, even bad things happen, I still give thanks, which according to her, sound like I fake the enthusiasm.

This became my food for thought for a moment. I was thinking, do I really mean them? Or, am I giving thanks because I want people to think that I am well-mannered and thus, like me?

Now I have my answer. The reason why I give thanks, is because no matter good or bad that happen in my life, I believe that it happened for a reason, so I must remember to give thanks because their small action might leave a great impact or bring about great significance to my life. And to say thank you for the simplest act, is a reminder to be to be thankful. To be thankful to my housemate YY who made wonderfully simple meals, which is very healthy (yea... I stand by the point of calling her health freak), and in turn make me a healthier person; to be thankful that when I fall down, there are friends around me that still smile at me and help me up; to be thankful that when I make a mistake or a blunder in those events that I participated in, there are people around to shoot me, so that I can learn better; to be thankful that my mum made me home-cooked meal to be reheated so that I don't have to spend more time cooking myself; to be thankful that my brother always annoy me by spending MY money because it shows that I am earning my own money and I've got enough to spend for him; to be thankful to God that He paved me such difficult road so that I can be a better person...

Ok, starting to sound like an Oscar speech... But the point is, I give thanks, for the simplest act, for a word of encouragement, for the simple thoughts of me, for a simple smile; or to people who stabbed me, betrayed me, talked bad about me, ignored me. This is not to make the other feel awkward or as a mean of sarcasm. This is not to act fake or to pretend appreciation. This is a simple act of appreciation and being grateful to everything. This is an action to be thankful of the things in my life. This is a simple word that cost nothing, not even a tedious breathe, for appreciating your presence in my life, be it good or bad influence.

So, start appreciating the simplest thing in life. Start saying thank you.

One day you are walking down the street
You look up and the bird shits in your eye
You don't curse and you don't cry
You just thank God that cows don't fly.


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