Thursday, April 9, 2009

Food and Fun...

On Tuesday night, I indulged in a luxurious dinner, being that all assignments are over and all presentation went on smoothly...

I ordered a mushroom gravy fish chop rice for RM5.20 and got this

Pretty awesome huh? I was so FULL!!!

And today... Ok, technically, yesterday, since past midnight already...
Yesterday, the afternoon sun was being merciless... And I am sick of cafeteria food... So I got home and made myself this!!

It was pretty easy job. Just boil the "Dou Chi", mix with some black sauce and oil, boil the crab sticks and seafood taufo, add some vegetables... That's it... Ready to serve!!

And for dinner, since I made Herbal Soup the previous night, I might as well make myself some Herbal Noodles since I am actually sick of eating rice... Same process, where everything is boiled... Before served, add the Herbal Soup with extra red dates and "Gei Zhi"...

Here it is... Yummy~~
And what better after-meal exercise to do than to jam?

Trying to live healthy here... ;)
Haha... According to Cheryl, YY totally influence me to become a health freak... Lol...

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