Saturday, December 27, 2008

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The aim of this tag is to test your friendship with your friends....

1. Choose 10 of your best friends, list out three things that they like to do.

2. List 2 out of 10 of your best friends who just like your style.

3. Choose 10 person to answer your question.

---------------------------------------Question 1-----------------------------------------------

1. Xin Yi - play piano and clarinet, get involve military marching band, go out with me :)

2. Zyenyi - shopping!!! listen to songs in full blast volume, talk about anything...

3. Nicole Sum - read, chat, watch anime

4. Wee Leng - watch anime, state out her opinion frankly, draw

5. Kumutha - listen to songs, watch TV, play around a little

6. Zac - show off his muscles, be cute, play mean puzzle games

7. YY - listen to songs, blog ( i think), read

8. Andrew - listen to his iPod, play with his iPhone, be cool

9. Si Nan - make noise, make noise, make noise..... (no la... where got so bad....)

10. Goldon - download stuff (il-ahem-legally), watch anime, take pictures

-----------------------------------Question 2---------------------------------------------------

1. Xin Yi ( in terms of academic perfectionism)

2. Zyenyi ( in terms of life principles)

-----------------------------------Question 3---------------------------------------------------

Anyone who want to do.... I malas mau tag people... :)


nicole said...

muahahaha. besty !

1.list out three things that they like to do -
" Xin Yi - play piano and clarinet, get involve military marching band, go out with me :) "

er. got some longer get involved in marching band edi. current hobbies - play / bang piano ( I'm practising Those who Fight in FF7,syokkkkk!!!!) , hanging out with you (ah yes,as usual!) and spend my time in Information Resource Centre ( IRC ) doing personal research and readings - try out Newscientist,its great!

2.List out yr besty who just like your style-
" Xin Yi ( in terms of academic perfectionism)"

Perfect answer. Its a FACT.since... primary? wakaka.flashback- the days we had our bread as breakfast in the canteen,at the same time busy flipping through the dictionary to finish off the stupid chinese homework, the days we had so many trainings for all sorta competitions (eventually we started sneaking food from canteen into the labs to curi2 makan,so naughty) , the days we had the "barter exchange system" in doing all the papers (" oi, anyone finished their maths? i've done with my BM paper!" ), the days I threw tantrum on you bcoz of my very tight schedule, the days we complaint the teachers for giving too much work and started cursing the teachers,the days we did our homework in our wooden drawer using the extremely short pencils while the classes are on, and the days we proudly presented our UPSR 7A slips..

I miss the days so much. Just like how much I'm missing you!

Ryanne said...

i miss you very much too!!
haha... thinking back our school years together...
kinda proud of myself for actually guessing part of your hobbies right, given the long period we were separated from each other's daily routines.
thanks, mate, for being there, for making every step with me, for never leaving me behind...
love ya lots!!


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