Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy 100th Post

Yea!!! Happy 100th Post!! For a relatively new blogger like myself, achieving 100th post in such a short time is indeed surprising. But what to do... I am easily bored and I do have a lot to say about a lot of things... :) Anyhow, since this is my 100th post, I should give my Oscar speech....
Here goes...

Thanks to YY who inspired me to start a blog... Check out her blog at Touche (a very interesting blog). Thanks to Ben and Andrew for their support and comments in almost every single entry I posted. Hope you guys will continue to support my blog!!

Since this is the 100th post, I will juts briefly mentioned the things I've learnt in posting the other 99th posts...

I've learnt to express my views and opinions, and also take a stand in many issues.

I've learnt to crap even more.... Hahaha.... All the bullshit poems and nonsensical stuff...

I've learnt to appreciate life and friendship even more. Check out my rather funny entries on Chronicles of Bicycles... These are the moments with my friends that I want to remember forever.

I've learnt to embrace my mother tongue again. Thanks to Black Tan, I've actually got used to "deciphering" mandarin and actually enjoy posting stuff in Mandarin!!

I've learnt to translate... Some readers can't read Mandarin... After some encouragements from some readers, I actually learnt to translate between English and Mandarin.

I've learnt a whole lot of funny and interesting stuff... Like the adapted articles from Mental_Floss and Yahoo! News... They are all interesting stuff that I would never know if I hadn't blog... And of course, Ben's, Zac's and YY's blog are so full of interesting scientific stuff.

I've learnt to reconnect with my friends. Through other blogs and links, I've manage to keep in touch with many friends that I didn't know that they have a blog. If anyone know of any UTAR or MGS bloggers, please let me know too...

I've learnt to enjoy more blogging!! Hahaha!! I actually like blogging and reading other people's blogs. Many interesting opinions and of course articles attract me. Gona read more....

All in all... Blogging is my new favourite hobby!! Hope my readers will continue to read my stuff... Thanks for the support ya!!!

Happy 100th Post!!

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