Saturday, December 27, 2008

Scarf Craze!!!

Was just browsing through some pages and found something that I like very much... SCARFS!!!
I mean... in Malaysia, you don't get much chances to wear nice winter scarfs... But I totally love these scarfs!!!

Check them out!!

Look at the unique way of the tying of the shawl. The whole look is so chic!!

Simple plaid scarf but very classy

Plain black and white buffalo scarf but the whole look is so girl-next-door attractive!!

Vogue style of shawl. Very classic look...

Personal favourite!! Look at the intricate design of the button on scarf... So beautiful!!

Since I am currently hooked onto scarfs... So I had some crazy fun and took this...

Nah... I wasn't playing dress- up... I just came back from attending a function. I thought, since I was all dressed up, might as well take a few crazy dreaming-to-be-a-model picture...

OMG... I am really crazy over scarfs!!!

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