Monday, December 29, 2008

Far Away

I've never felt so far away
Even when I am just next to you
I cannot end it
Because it was not there to start with
I am so far away
Even when I shout with all my heart
You may not be able to hear it
Because the distance between two hearts
Were just so very far away
The echo of your presence is out of reach
Blocked by closed doors and windows
I can feel no soul
No matter how hard I tried to find it in your eyes
Just because our distance is so far away

This poem is dedicated to a close friend of mine who recently relate her experience to me. I think this is the closest I can relate to you because I knew what it felt like to be the last person to know about something so close to heart.
I hope you can solve your problems with that person in the best way. Good luck...

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