Monday, December 8, 2008

Hong Kong Fashion Week!!

In the eyes of some female in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong is the fashion hub. Well, at least their trends are at least 2 seasons ahead of us here in Malaysia. Anyway, I'm not quite sure when was Hong Kong Fashion Week, but I did find some interesting pictures online...


I love the colour and the intricate details of the dress. The criss-cross pattern across the abdomen absolutely "hide" the girl's tummy.Love the neck of the top. And the hat and jacket certainly add class to the whole look!!

Usually guys with laces look sissy... But the brilliant use of lace on the collar of a white jacket definitely adds the feminine element on the masculine look.

I like the tail of the gown, where the design is alternately bamboo shoots and criss-cross fishnets. Very chinese- element dress.

I like the setting of the stage. The models also posed nicely on the stage. However, I personally do not fancy the wedding gowns. It's almost like bird nest on display!!

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