Saturday, December 27, 2008

掌·心 Palm. Heart

我一直在思考 I am thinking all along
我不懂 I may not know
太复杂的文法 A language too complex
原谅我的粗造文笔 Forgive these few awkward lines
因为这世界很复杂 Because the world is complicated
我就是拖拖拉拉 I am always undecided

本来就没有想过 Never really thought of it before
因为根本不属于 Because it was never meant to be owned
人生就是那么妙 Life is a mysterious
好像玩着捉迷场 Just like a game of hide- and -seek
兜了一个圈 Making a big round
转了一个弯 Taking a big turn
就回到原地来 Just to end up in the same place

途中的混乱挣扎 The struggle on the way
就是人生学到的道理 Is the way of life to be learnt
路上走的冤枉路 The unnecessary roads taken
就是人生该有的享受 Is the joy of living
可能人生不该太清楚 Maybe life should remain mysterious
快乐有时来自模糊 Because at times it is the origin of happiness
不懂哪时开始很在乎 Don't know when it matters so much
不过一切都放在别处 But irrelevant things are to be put aside
因为一个温暖的手掌 Because the warmth of the palm
就暖着那颗寒冷的心 Has melt the ice of a cold heart

如果我是个作家 If I were a writer
写的是人生妙路 I will write about the miracles of life
如果我是个画家 If I were a painter
画的是世界花木 I will draw the greenery on earth
如果我是天文家 If I were an astrologist
看的是天上星星 I will look at the starry nightline
如果我是艺术家 If I were an artist
刻的是那颗掌心 I will carved out the unique Palm. Heart

This poem is inspired by two songs that I used to like very much. Forgive me for my awkward Mandarin, still working hard to improve on it. Forgive me for the not-so-accurate translation too...

But the lesson learnt today is to appreciate life and precious moments with friends and family. To the friend who taught me this valuable lesson, thank you. To those who read this, try to catch someone's heart with your palm, be it a friend or a family. You can make someone's day by small little actions like smiling at a stranger, a random act of kindness to anyone, being there for someone, or just appreciating the silence shared between 2 souls.

May we celebrate life in 2008 and embrace a better life in 2009

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