Monday, December 1, 2008

Nick Vujicic - The Inspiration

Andrew passed me this clip and thank god I watched it. It was very inspiring.

The guy in the clip, Nick Vujicic, is a motivational speaker and the director for Life Without Limbs, an organization that is for the physically disabled. He was born without limbs, but he enjoys living life to the fullest.

I personally find that his perspective in life is so optimistic and positive. And his speech was very inspiring. It reminded me not to sweat over small stuff and to be thankful.

Well, I hope the clip can inspire you too... Enjoy!!

1 comment:

Black Sano~Black Tan~Tan Si Nan said...

hmm..yeah..he passed me also..haha..well..we shouldnt complain for too much rite?haha..appreciate wht we got..


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