Monday, December 1, 2008

Quantum of Solace

Went to Ipoh with some friends today and watched Quantum of Solace. Sorry bro... I knew I promise you... but gotta break the promise... I can't wait for you, you can't wait for me...

Anyway, the movie wasn't what I expected. Not at all. After the great reviews of Casino Royale, I was banking on great stuff coming from Daniel Craig as the new Bond. This movie was, well, not what I thought was....

The movie opened with a high speed car chase between Bond and some unknown villains (assumed to be people from the Quantum, a highly specialised and secretive organisation) The opening sequence was really a good attention statement, cause James Bond was crashing an Aston Martin, in about... less than five minutes.

Yes, an Aston Martin. Yes, about five minutes.

Then the story started with the interrogation of the bad guy, another chase, then someone got killed, then more people got killed, and Bond going way out of control.... Well, in any Bond movie, sure there are girls... This time is Olga Kurylenko and Gemma Artenton. The girls are quite ok-looking, compared to the stunning Eva Green who played Vesper Lynn. But I really wonder who did the girls' costume... They are.... er.... mismatched?

Who is hotter? Olga Kurylenko (top, left), Gemma Artenton (top, right), or Eva Green(bottom)??

Anyway... I saw the worst pick-up line from James Bond. He can't find stationaries and ask for Strawberry Fields' assistance? The next thing we see is a half-naked Bond walking towards the door... But this movie is quite surprising to see that nothing really physical or even suggestive was seen between Bond and the girls... The most we get is kissing...

Anyway, the villain, Dominic Greene, played brilliantly by Mathiue Amalric, was quite convincing. He was a rich man building his wealth on poor people. And very cruel too. But his ending was actually quite funny.

The plot is so shallow that it is next to non-existant. I was expecting more emotion from the movie, since the plot focused on how Bond revenge Vesper's death. But, surprisingly, the emotion cannot seem to translate across the screen.

All in all, I love the cars and the action stunts. But if you are going for storyline and substance, I think you will be disappointed.

Anyway, I think girls are there for the look, guys are there for the style...

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