Monday, December 15, 2008

The Nicole Jeffrey Show

That is the title of our Public Speaking Talkshow.

The concept was somehow inspired by Nicole when she mentioned the CSI and I got the crazy idea of adapting the Zodiac Killer real event into our talk show, "femininised" all the characters. And through hours ofhard work and brainstorming, endless discussion and many sleepless nights, we had finally put up with our blood, sweat and tears!!

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to my team members who worked with my so well to produce this. Sorry if I have said or done anything that offended you guys in the process. I know I am very bossy... Also I would like to thank Si Nan for helping so much in the visual aids part. Sorry for taking away your precious sleep... Thanks to Wee Leng who went all the way out to help us in the video recording and also with the props. Thanks to Wei Cheng and KKB for generously borrowing us the equipments needed. Well, feel like making an Oscar speech here... Sorry if I missed out anyone...

These are our crazy moments... Thank you Goldon, for being our photographer and camera guy!!

The team players + tech guy, Si Nan

Whoa... Si Nan is real good with the video stuff!!

Goldon and Nicole.. smiling for the camera

Zyenyi, Me, Hui En, Nicole and Vanezsha

Dr. Reid of BAU and Det. Estella of EYPD
(OMG... I am so damn short!!!)

The other team on their talkshow.
I love Wei Liang's concept for the day as a LALA ZAI!!!

BFF Yun Xin and Zyenyi

The cutesy duo.... You should have heard their voices...

Vanezsha... and ME!!

Nicole and Vanezsha

Well, actually, there's another member... KKY... No, we didn't forget her... She was just camera-shy and was busy with some other things at the moment...

Overall, we had fun in the process of doing this assignment.
Sadly, I have some problem uploading the video...

I hope you enjoy our performance as much as we enjoyed making it!!
Once again, thank you for tuning in to the Nicole Jeffrey Show!!

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