Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Are these the chemical equations that you are looking for??

I was just doing research for my chemistry report on the reaction of ethanol and phenol.
And I came across the most interesting chemical explanation in a forum... Try putting these as your answers. I bet your practical lecturer is going to develop some abs!!

The questions posted were

1)Compare the reactivity between ethanol and phenol. Explain your answer.

2) Write down the equation for each test for both ethanol and phenol (if possible).

3) Discuss briefly about each tests.

4) Which tests (two) distinguish between ethanol and phenol?

Try to solve this. Wink

And the answers given by the chemistry genius were....

1) Ethanol - gets you drunk. Phenol - kills you.
2) Ethanol + Person = sillyness. Phenol + Person = Corpse.
3) The first test is fun and you get plesently drunk. The second will kill you.
4) Take two people - give each 250ml to drink. The one that lives but is very drunk has had the ethanol... Grin

Disclaimer: These explanation are merely a form of entertainment... Please don't fail with style!! Hahahah!!

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