Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chronicles of Bicycle: 2 Gila Girls

I had no intention at all, no intention at all to wait and in the end, the rain got heavier.
I had no intention at all, no intention at all to get wet and in the end, I got the wettest!!

Today, after biology practical, it was raining, and it got heavier. When we thought was safe to go back, we ventured into the drizzling rain, only to end up under the shades as the rain got heavier. The four of us was so bored, that we played games and all. Hahaha.... It was so fun, looking at Nicole and Vanezsha's funny expression. Alas, we could not wait anymore and decided to brave through the rain.

I see no point in cycling fast as I will get wet in the end. So me and Zyenyi actually cycled real slow. I felt so cold. The freezing breeze blow across my face, numbing my cheeks. And the unforgiving rain, blurring my vision by fogging my glasses. But I, again, love being in the rain. It felt liberating, like the rain wash away my burden and stress of the day.

And me and Zyenyi did something gila!! Hahaha... We stopped by the lake to take pictures!! Nicole and Vanezsha was cycling soooooooo fast that we couldn't stop them...

Anyway... When I reach home, I actually spent at least half an hour outside my house, in the rain. Silence every where, except the gentle drops of rain on the pavement. Not a ghost in sight on the street. It was like a silent conversation between me and the rain......

Still enjoying the rain outside my house

I love Zyenyi, for cycling in the rain with me!! Thanks for being the second gila girl in the rain!! Hahaha!!!

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