Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Weather Man - A Review

Last night, I intended to take a half an hour break from studying but ended up watching this movie instead.

The Weather Man, directed by acclaimed director, Gore Verbinski, starring Nicholas Cage, Michael Caine, Hope Davis and other star cast.

The movie is very inspiring to me. It tells the story of David Spritz (Nicholas Cage) balancing his life between his profession of reporting the weather on TV, separating from his wife, dealing with his children and a dying father.

The story was told in a clever and insightful way. It deals on the subject of growing-up. David is a weatherman without meteorological qualifications in Chicago, is confronted with his own rage that life hasn't proceeded as he had planned. He thinks that he is a failure because he constantly compares himself with his Pulitzer winning, distant father is at a low ebb. Not to mention that "fans" delight in recognizing him on the street and throwing food at him. The other problems in his life, an angry ex-wife who is going to marry someone, a daughter bullied at school and a son wrongly accused of a crime. Through finding a hobby, connecting with his dying father and standing by his kids we can see the character grow and become a hero.

To me, it was an inspiring movie because it reminded me that life is much more than a paper qualification or how much you make from your job. It also reminded me about self esteem. It doesn't matter how other see you. The most important thing is how you see yourself. And of course, dealing with the subject of a dying father is not easy. Michael Caine played the character to perfection. And the whole movie was based in winter Chicago, where the America upper middle class culture exist. And the winter snow just add the melancholy to the movie, showing us how depressing Dave's life can be, despite being famous as the weather man.

PS: Lately, my life has been a bit complicated, mostly because I think a lot and did quite some soul searching. And this movie came along, reminded me something valuable about life. Maybe it wasn't a coincident that the TV was showing this movie when I decided to take a break from studies? Really worth watching if you put some soul in it while watching... Gave me food for thought later and made me realise something...

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