Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Yes~~ I am having this insane Burberry Prorsum craze these days.... Their coats and jackets are like... so NICE~~~ Pity that its too expensive... Imagine an overcoat costing about RM3000 plus? It will take me a lifetime (as a student) to get my hands on the money and spend it all on one Burberry!!!

Anyway... To at least get rid of my fetish, I just look at pictures...

White trench coat!!! So beautiful!!

Silver coat with a belt over it... Nice touch!!

Personal fav in this post... Love the bootie and the gloves and jacket combo... A little like a gentle dominatrix... ~~lol~~

Burberry spiky necklace is so hot nowadays!! The tall skull cap is also cool with the necklace combo...

Gosh~~ I so love Burberry!!!

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